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I really enjoyed playing this game! As if it was all made in paint, very well done dude!! Gave me a few little jump scares but I encountered a game ending error close to completion (I think) 😕

The fact that the texture of this was done in paint is legitimately mind blowing!! I loved that you've managed to throw some real jumps in there as well, I wasn't expecting that at all!

love the game and cant wait to get to play more very fun! like the cartoon art style and the puzzles really cool keep up the awesome work!!

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Hey KirleyGames, I wanted to say that this game has potential. I didn't realize this was made with MS paint, that is quite impressive. I can provide some feedback if you like.

A video for those interested:

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Your feedback was great, and will work on the  full game for some differences, we are going to change the levels and AI enemy’s completely different. We’re just working on a different little project atm but after it will start with JimBob’s again

so scary

Reeaaaaaallly did enjoy this game, was on a bit of a tight time frame when i made the video but it came out well! thanks for an awesome game!! hopefully will be able to make a longer video soon.. Hope you enjoy the video :D 

A well made horror game, with some good ideas adapted from Bendy and the Ink Machine it seems.

Only part that annoyed me was the under the hat searching since there didn't seem to be anything to differentiate the hats, but overall enjoyed it and the textures are well done for MSPaint, providing a clear design idea.
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we maybe planning to remake the game. Different levels and mechanics. but hey, thanks for your feed back. we are working on a different game atm. if you want to see the teaser link is here:

To say the textures were made in paint this is not bad at all! I am a little worried about my characters calorie intake though, I ate a literal ton of chicken...

This was an incredible game! For something made in microsoft paint 3D, no less! Well done! 

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Очень страшно 

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

hahaha, very good game. It reminds me of Bendy and the ink machine alot. very good game! CONGRATS!

btw here is my video

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yeah i saw your remake of dream theory. i was planning to make a video of your remake

The game is so well done atmosphere graphics and mechanics are great i had a lot of fun playing it i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Full Gameplay+Ending.

Oh man this game contains serious jumpscare I really Like you efforts Dev want to see  more ;)

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Flashlight running out is annoying